We Love 3rd Grade!

Leading and Learning in Room 14

Seeing Stars

by Donna Latham

Genre:  Expository Text

Comprehension Skill – Graphic Sources

Comprehension Strategy – Text Structure


dim– somewhat dark, without light

gas– a substance that is neither a liquid nor solid and has the ability to expand indefinitely

gigantic– very large, tall or bulky

ladle– a large spoon with a large handle

patterns– repeated decorative designs

shine– to give out light

temperature– the degree of heat or coldnes

Spelling – Spelling of /j/, /s/, /k/

1.   clock
2.   large
3.   page
4.   mark
5.   kitten
6.   judge
7.   crack
8.   edge
9.   pocket
10. brake
11. change
12. ridge
13. jacket
14. badge
15. orange
16. freckles
17. advantage
18. pledge
19. Kentucky
20. kingdom

Cross Curricular Standards (NM):
Social Studies-

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