We Love 3rd Grade!

Leading and Learning in Room 14

When Charlie McButton Lost Power

by Suzanne Collins
illustrated by Mike Lester

Genre:  Narrative Poem
Comprehension Skill – Literary Elements
Comprehension Strategy – Background Knowledge


bat – a small animal

battery – connected electric cells that produce a direct current

blew – formed something by expelling air

fuel – something burned for heat

plug – a connection on the end of a corded electrical device that is put into the wall to carry electricity

vision – the ability to come up with new ideas

term – a length of time

Spelling – Short Vowels; Syllables VC/CV

1.  lettuce
2.  happen
3.  basket
4.  winter
5.  sister
6.  problem
7.  supper
8.  subject
9.  lesson
10. spelling
11. napkin
12. collar
13. traffic
14. suggest
15. puppet
16. skillet
17. picnic
18. planet
19. system
20. pumpkin

Cross-Curricular Standards (NM)
Social Studies:
S1-B1B – Understand connections among historical events, people and symbols significant to United States history and cultures.
S2-B2F – Describe how natural and man-made changes affect the meaning, use, distribution and value of resources.
S2-B2C-PO3 – Describe the consequences of human modification of the natural environment.
S3-B3D-PO1 – Explain the significance of participation and cooperation in a classroom and community.

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